Asset Management

Asset management is a necessary enterprise task embracing a comprehensive audit control system that tracks the lifecycle of all company properties, logistics and maintenance planning. From company and warehouse equipment of all types to information technology, the system answers such real-time asset questions as:

What is in your property/inventory?
Where is it?
Who has it?
When was it purchased?
Has it been maintained?
What costs are associated to it?
Does it need replacement?

Our Approach

Optimization of all company assets is the main principle behind iGET Systems enterprise asset management system. Managing a company's acquisitions revolve around the purchase, maintenance, utilization, deployment, replacement and disposal of those assets, while reducing capital and operational costs.

True visibility into your assets avoids surplus, which leads to excessive capital expenditure or lease, rental and demurrage costs. iGET's asset management solution employs proven technology, including the unprecedented integration capabilities of iGET along with industry leading modeling/simulation, powerful predictive capabilities, and our unique real time economic performance measurements.

  • Assets and Property
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Artistic and Copyrights
  • Intellectual Property
  • Licenses and Contracts
  • Asset management includes all company property - tangible and intangible