Work Order Management

Order tracking, whether it be vehicle work orders, shipping orders, transportation movement requests, sales orders, or job orders, is the process of managing and maintaining information on requirements generated by operational centers that are deemed critical by the customer.

As technology advances the multitude of advanced systems for tracking work have increased exponentially but the core tenants remain the same. An effective order management system provides its users with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that tracks all data points required to effectively analyze the efficiencies maintained by the operation, identify bottlenecks, and provide management with other key performance indicators to help with the decision making processes that improve the bottom line.

Our Approach

iGET Systems places great importance on usability and intuitiveness of its work order management module. As this interface, along with fleet and asset management, are normally the core drivers of iGET SCM solution it is extremely important that the data is being entered accurately and in a timely fashion.

In addition, iGET’s history of deployment in harsh environments with poor infrastructure and a relatively unsophisticated user base have increased the importance of usability. To that end, iGET has developed extensive customization features, available directly to the client immediately upon implementation, that allow client Admin users to create additional fields, refine menu structures, manage user rights and permissions, update page translations, and create/edit dashboards and automated emails.

All this functionality is available via the iGET online portal at no additional cost to the client. In addition, iGET QA engineers employ a rigorous workflow understanding process during implementation that frequently results in refinements to existing iGET work order process to better match the customers unique operational requirements.