A total ERP system with supply chain management software processes and its inherent data analysis making your value chain and customer order workflow more transparent. As such, it gives you better insight and understanding of your business processes, which brings many benefits.

The ultimate advantage of implementing a supply chain solution is to forecast demand and supply more accurately. This concept allows businesses to plan around customer demands, rather than around production capabilities.

In return for accurately forecasting supply and demand, businesses can improve on-time deliveries, inventory levels, and responsiveness as well as nuance downtime; e.g. machine failures, staff absences, missing goods, urgent customer orders and human error.


  • End-to-end supply chain and distribution visibility
  • Real-time data availability to make smarter corporate decisions
  • Discover competitive advantage mining data for predictive rather than reactive decisions
  • Finger-on-the-pulse monitoring on operations and SCM performance
  • Improve efficiencies by identifying risk
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Our Approach

iGET Systems recognizes the importance of real-time, accurate and in depth information that must be available at a moment’s notice, and customizable when more needs to be visible. iGET was built from the ground up, to display whatever is needed – when it is needed. Executives, managers and operational users can select from an assortment of reports and dashboards when making decisions, especially those that impact the bottom line.