iGET Systems Solutions Overview

Supply chain management (SCM) is the business process of managing the complex interaction of products, materials, equipment, labor, and cash as they flow from product sourcing through the fulfillment of customer demand.

IGET Systems' supply chain management solutions help companies navigate the pitfalls of today's networked environment with insight into planning and execution, procurement, logistics, product design, and distribution.

Electronic B2B exchanges a promise great efficiency, reduced design cycle times, maximize cost effectiveness, and a fertile ground for sprouting business opportunities between partners.

Key Advantages

Reduced Complexity

Ease of Use – Built with the end-user in mind, iGET’s ERP and SCM solutions are quick to implement as well as easy and intuitive to learn, which increases employee productivity.


Provides a combination of holistic SCM solutions and resources in use around the world.

Scalability Customization

Able to expand and adapt with your company as you experience growth and change well into the future.

Reduced Operational Costs

Controlled environments reduce overall sales time of products.

Improved Customer Feedback and Support

Enhanced productivity and communication between all partners, along with analysis of customer ordering and feedback, leads to customer loyalty, thereby increasing revenue.

Governance,Risk and Compliance

Meet business and legal compliance requirements by country and industry. The SCM solutions by iGET Systems makes it even easier to be compliant, with role-based security that enables faster and more reliable reporting.

Microsoft Technology

Takes advantage of the flexibility and power of many Microsoft platforms which streamlines the integration and implementation processes, including: Windows Server 2012, Microsoft SQLServer 2012, IIS7, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio 2013.

iGET Systems by Anham developed a supply chain management technology platform suite with the sole focus of offering small to large size businesses a scalable, flexible, and secure SCM solution befitting of most budgets. SCMS solutions meet the global challenges facing today's supply managers by helping to effectively optimize inventory, increase revenues, control inefficiencies, and boost productivity while improving bottom line costs and gaining operational insight.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, fostering an optimized SCM process can give businesses an edge over targeted competitors. The idea here is that the majority of businesses that construct and sell products begin their process by acquiring raw materials and pre-built components. Once products have been constructed and made consumer ready, the process of deployment and distribution of the product begins. Such areas of the SCM process offer a wealth of cost cutting and automation opportunities that can increase profit margins, lower operational costs, and ultimately beat out competitors.