About Us

ANHAM (www.anham.com) is a contracting company created by the principals of the Arab Supply and Trading Company ("ASTRA") of Saudi Arabia; GMS Holdings (a principal founder of Munir Sukhtian International) of Amman, Jordan; and HII-Finance Corporation of Vienna, Virginia, USA. ANHAM and its affiliates combine trade, contracting, and logistics entities and strategic management expertise in addition to a vast range of technical experts in several major industries. ANHAM's financial strength, high-level strategic management capabilities and technical skills are complemented by local country affiliates capable of stellar performance in their regions and areas of expertise.

ANHAM has received the highest evaluations and recommendations from both private and public institutions, which cite the company's ability to execute contracts consistently on time and within budget. This reputation has been earned in some of the most demanding environments, where the company has also provided for the security of goods, services, and personnel in order to complete contracts with a documented record of success. As an ISO certified company, ANHAM guaranties consistent and high quality services. The company's strict adherence to business norms and regulations warrant that its services satisfy each and every end-user and renders a competitive and reliable international company.

ANHAM's demonstration of its financial strength and credibility, as well as its project management, procurement, transportation, integrated logistics, training capabilities, construction and maintenance expertise, is on par with its successful track record (over $2BN) of project performance.

ANHAM approaches every project with the understanding that close coordination with local affiliates and personnel is paramount for success and that every region requires a unique incorporation of local culture and customs. Implementation by local contractors and affiliates is key to the company's success, specifically in the areas of performance efficiency and support for local development.

ANHAM has set the industry standard for conducting operations in the most trying conditions and continues to challenge itself and the industry through the ongoing development of innovative approaches and solutions.